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#241 Reg libssh2 dump with SFTP assigned bagder defect blocker 1.4.3
#267 file_read_publickey access violation new defect blocker 1.4.3
#269 libssh2 client and dropbear sshd v0.51 - ifconfig command not working new defect blocker 1.4.3
#231 Arbos doesn't answer on "enter" after login new defect high
#232 "Unknown user" message when using scp assigned bagder defect high
#235 [PATCH] Provide symbol versioning support new defect high
#270 libssh2_sftp_stat_ex hanged new defect high 1.4.3
#309 latest libssh2 library fails to authenticate with public key (RSA) libssh2_userauth_publickey_fromfile new defect high 1.4.3
#92 SCP recursive file transfer reopened enhancement normal
#136 Sometimes ssh2 test fails on Solaris 8 Sparc new defect normal
#156 Passphrase feature missing when linking with libgcrypt new enhancement normal
#161 Create API for socket I/O in application new enhancement normal
#170 Test on Solaris 10 amd64 hangs assigned stuge defect normal
#183 Check if keepalive reply came in if want_reply == 1, set error if not reopened enhancement normal
#186 libssh gets stuck at kex_method_diffie_hellman_groupGP_sha1_key_exchange. CPU utilization goes upto 100% assigned bagder defect normal
#191 src/packet.c:_libssh2_packet_add problems new defect normal
#203 Compile warnings under VC6 (Win32, 32bit) for DLL new build error normal
#204 Enhance authentication to return partial success codes assigned riordanmr enhancement normal
#205 "Error waiting for FXP_READ ACK" during large download on Windows new defect normal
#209 Failure in build of the example programs (1.2.7 static on MinGW) new build error normal
#210 make check and install fail on Solaris (OpenIndiana x86) new build error normal
#227 nettle support new enhancement normal
#228 List of supported algorithms assigned bagder enhancement normal
#230 Getting Disconnect after user auth request assigned bagder defect normal
#236 disconnecting libssh2 sessions results in sshd message "inetd[1080]: /usr/sbin/sshd[88807]: exited, status 255" new defect normal
#239 Sending file via scp_write on host with not enough space left does not return any error new defect normal
#242 Feature request: libssh2_channel_set_timeout() assigned bagder enhancement normal
#243 curl + libssh2 segfault with SFTP new defect normal
#245 libssh2 does not handle channel_close correctly new defect normal
#247 crash in libssh2 while downloading file using multi thread assigned bagder defect normal
#248 A small patch to handle private key in memory new enhancement normal 1.4.3
#249 sftp download data corruption new defect normal 1.4.3
#250 libssh2_channel_send_eof() sometimes fails when used in non-blocking mode new defect normal 1.4.3
#251 Error during make expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'LIBSSH2_SEND_FUNC' new defect normal 1.4.3
#253 Transport aborted with a disconnect packet when ending the connection with libssh2_session_init_ex new rdenault defect normal 1.4.3
#254 keepalive + blocking scp = LIBSSH2_ERROR_BAD_USE new defect normal 1.4.3
#255 libssh2_channel_write_ex returns zero new defect normal 1.4.3
#256 many writes, congested link -> LIBSSH2_ERROR_BAD_USE, stuck new defect normal 1.4.3
#260 libssh2 1.2.5 file permission issues new defect normal 1.4.3
#263 libssh2_channel_read for exec ends unpredictably new defect normal 1.4.3
#264 SCP send not properly setting mtime or atime new defect normal 1.4.3
#266 libssh2_scp_recv -> libssh2_channel_read gets sometimes NULL bytes at the end of transfered file new defect normal 1.4.3
#273 build of libssh2-1.4.3 failed on Solaris 10 when specifying --with-libssl-prefix new defect normal 1.4.3
#274 ssh agent cannot be shared between sessions new enhancement normal 1.4.3
#275 ssh agent cannot be used non-blocking new enhancement normal 1.4.3
#277 libgcrypt and gcry_check_version in a multithreaded application. new defect normal 1.4.3
#280 unable to install libssh2-1.4.3 new defect normal 1.4.3
#282 SCP may read the wrong file if several channels are opened in parallel new defect normal 1.4.3
#286 LibSSH2-HEAD can't be used with OpenBSD 5.5 new enhancement normal 1.4.3
#287 LIBSSH2_FX_PERMISSION_DENIED on reading file from other user new defect normal 1.4.3
#288 Maximum concurrent connections to uniq servers new Scott Yeager defect normal 1.4.3
#291 libssh2_agent_connect always returns -39 when using in on iOS new defect normal 1.4.3
#292 Wrap all uses of socket with callbacks for better compatibility new enhancement normal
#295 latest libssh2 library with support 64 bit architecture fails to authenticate with public key (RSA) libssh2_userauth_publickey_fromfile new defect normal 1.4.3
#296 OpenSSL picked up even with `--enable-gcrypt` new defect normal
#297 `libssh2_{md5,sha1}{,_init}` symbols are exposed in OpenSSL build new defect normal
#299 Second memory leak new defect normal 1.4.3
#300 Memory leak in kex.c new defect normal 1.5.0
#301 random crashes during multi thread new defect normal 1.5.0
#302 libssh2_session_handshake bug? new defect normal 1.5.0
#304 Improperly linking to system libssl & libcrypto when staged one is desired new defect normal 1.5.0
#305 Unable to exchange encryption keys new defect normal
#306 Overlapping memcpy in libssh2_session_method_pref new defect normal 1.4.3
#308 Agent forwarding not working new defect normal 1.5.0
#310 18 Crucial Items For Backcountry Hunters new optimization low 1.4.3
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