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No more OpenID for now, the plugin has bugs which break normal account … (diff)


17:16 Ticket #246 (libssh2_session_free does not release channels) created by maxmtl
If libssh2_session_free is called without the channel being freed …


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18:15 Ticket #245 (libssh2 does not handle channel_close correctly) created by maxmtl
libssh2 does not wait for the CHANNEL_CLOSE message from the server before …
18:15 Ticket #244 (scp_send may transmit not initialised memory) created by torsten.rupp
In the function scp_send() the transmission function …
18:14 Ticket #243 (curl + libssh2 segfault with SFTP) created by tony2001
curl is the last stable version from the cURL website (curl-7.26.0). …
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